Whitehouse Thanksgiving Favorites



McKenna Mirsky, Staff Reporter

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During the following days from November 15th to the 17th, students on campus expressed what their favorite things about Thanksgiving were.

“My favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving is watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade,” said Junior Kim Flores. “I also love to watch crazy floats and balloons go by.”

Senior Chrissy Mumford had a very different response of what her favorite things about Thanksgiving are.

“My family does not do much for the holidays,” said Mumford. “But Thanksgiving is a different story.”  

Mumford then talks about how she and her mom enjoy preparing the meals for the holiday.

“Then we sit around, hang out, and then we all gather up and head to Santa Land every Thanksgiving night,” said Mumford.

Another student also has high values of family during Thanksgiving.

“My favorite things about Thanksgiving are spending time with my family and getting time off,” said an anonymous student. “You get to relax and relieve stress and I think it’s a nice time to have.”

The anonymous student also believes that Thanksgiving is a great way to give thanks and they are very grateful for it.

Sophomore Tristan Tagert explains what his favorite things about Thanksgiving are.  

“My favorite things to do during Thanksgiving is putting my phone down and spending time with my family,” said Tagert. “My parents are always either gone or busy, so time with my parents and brother is a blessing.”

Freshman Kaila Fraim went into detail about her favorites of Thanksgiving.

“My favorite thing to do during Thanksgiving is spend time with my family,” said Freshman Kaila Fraim. “I also enjoy the food we make and reciting what I’m thankful for.”  

Fraim also says that she loves being outside to enjoy the nice, fall weather. Lastly, Freshman Kimoya Walker explained what her favorite thing was about Thanksgiving.  

“My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the time set aside for family and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company,” said Walker. “But overall, I love that Thanksgiving is a time when we focus on what we have and what we’ve been blessed with.”

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