Is the Media Being a Drama Queen?



Tristan Kerans, Staff Reporter

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The media plays a big part in advertising any and all major events. This year’s election was certainly no exception. This election was one of the most controversial elections we have ever had. Almost everyone had an opinion about who should be president, and, as is shown with the most recent protests against the new president, not everyone is happy with the results.

The media has, in fact, played a big part in making the election so controversial.

The media has made it easier for the public to see the candidates standpoints and to find out what side they wish to be on. This years elections had a total of at least 119,000,000 people voting. Over 59,600,000 of these voters voted for Hillary, while the remaining 59,400,000 or so voted Trump. The numbers that were achieved in this election are nothing short of historic.

The media is calling the reasoning for this turnout the “Trump Effect”. They claim that the so-called “Trump Effect” is inspiring many people to get more involved in politics. This is mainly is said to affect the Latino population. It is supposedly caused by Donald Trump’s attacks on the Latino population.

Without the media, none of this would have been achieved.

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