Matt Pearce: Not Just a Game

Senior Matt Pearce analyzing his Fantasy Football roster

Photo by Ariel Orr

Senior Matt Pearce analyzing his Fantasy Football roster

Ariel Orr, Junior Editor

Fantasy Football is an online game where everyday people choose real life football players to create a custom team roster. In most cases, but not all, groups of friends band together to battle against each other to see who can create the best NFL fantasy team. Points are given out depending on how well each player performs each week and the team with the most points wins. Depending on the terms decided at the beginning of the season, the winning team may even win real money.

Senior Matt Pearce is one of the millions who has fallen into the Fantasy Football trap. Pearce’s love for the sport was heavily influenced by his dad. He fell in love with the big hits, crazy catches, and upsets early on.

“[My dad] helped get me started playing around 11 years old,” Pearce said. “My dad is the greatest mind in sports. I learned everything from him.”

He enjoys playing Fantasy football because he feels it gives regular people a chance to go through a draft, pick strategic players and lets individuals call the shots for their own team.

“People who tell you fantasy football is just a game of chance is wrong,” Pearce said. “There is so much to take under consideration when choosing players.”

When drafting a team, his steps/thought process is:

  1. Personal opinion on player out the window. Fantasy football is a game for the mind not the heart so personal opinions on teams and on players means nothing.
  2. Don’t rush to grab a quarterback first. If you have an average quarterback but a killer top receiver or runningback then you have done good because it’s hard for a quarterback to not get decent amounts of points.
  3. Pick up a little bit of your bench before you worry about your kicker/def.
  4. Pick a player who is a top target on their team. Big names don’t mean big points. Pick up a player who gets the most touches for his team.
  5. Don’t grab too many people from the same team. To many people from the same team usually means one player isn’t going to get as many points as another and that slot could’ve been filled with someone else who has more carries/touches for another team.
  6. Watch the bye weeks. If you have a team that’s winning but on week 7, five have a bye, that’s most of your starters gone. Which is never good.
  7. Always have a back up list to a back up list. Chances are you aren’t going to get everyone you could possibly want on a team. So it’s always good to have someone else to choose if your 3rd pick in the lineup and both players you wanted are taken and you have to find a new player/plan in the draft.
  8. It’s better to have 6 good players than 3 great ones. You don’t need to have the best of the best to win. It helps but it’s not key. Chances are you plan to win with is the same guy someone else hopes to win with. So one superstar won’t out score 3 good players.

“Go with what you know and you might be surprised with how good you do,” Pearce said. “Just get a feel for the game and have fun with it!”