My First Time Black Friday Shopping


Timia Cobb, Staff Reporter

Every year, people prepare themselves for a day full of deals, shopping and supposedly chaos, this day is Black Friday. I have never gone black Friday shopping because my family have never really seen the point of it, but this year I decided to go. I prepared myself for the worst; TV made it seem as if Black Friday shopping was another episode of Game of Thrones and I didn’t want to walk into that not knowing what to do. My mother and I made a plan: we both go and get just one thing we need from each store then buy it as quick as we can.

The first place we went was Walmart, arriving just an hour early. The store was already packed. I was expecting to see fights and full blown madness but I didn’t really see much. Yes, there were arguments and panic but not full blown chaos. Me and my mother were able to get what we wanted in less than 20 minutes and headed to the mall.

The mall was a battle I wasn’t sure I wanted to face, just looking at the parking had me scared; I have never seen so many cars. Taking at least 15 minutes to find a spot me and my mother headed inside to be faced with a mass of people crammed in one place. I couldn’t get by without bumping into someone.

The only reason we went to the mall was to find me a dress for formal and after what seemed like hours of looking, I found the dress I wanted for just $83. Soon after, we looked for shoes to match, only to have the perfect pair for just $20 snatched out of my hands by an elderly woman who looked way too scary to get in an argument with. I did find better shoes for a cheaper price. Even if I was tempted to get in a fight with an elderly woman, my first Black Friday was worth finding the perfect formal outfit.