Increase the Peace: Black Lives Matter


Editor’s Note: Black Lives Matter’s messages and practices have caused some controversy in the national scope. Please keep all comments civil, and remember that this is a piece of opinion.

Growing up, I would always hear the lesson of how me being African-American made me different. That because of my skin color, I couldn’t do what everyone else did and expect the same results. That I would have to work twice as hard, be aware of my surroundings, always be aware of police. I never really knew why my family and other African-Americans lived this way, in panic that they would be looked down upon because of our skin color, working themselves harder than they have to to prove a point that might never be meet, living in fear that someone might just shoot us like an animal because of our color.

I think I finally understood the fear of the black community in 2012 when Trayvon Martin died and the Black Lives Matter protest group developed. Knowing that George Zimmerman walked free after shooting a 17 year old boy (who happens to be the same age as me) had me afraid of my own country. The issue of police brutality came to me in a video of Alton Sterling being killed. To watch him forced to the ground and shot to death right in front of other civilians killed me inside. To know that it’s a possibility that because of my skin color I might be seen as a threat or dangerous and could be shot down because of it fills me with fear and disappointment.

The Black Lives Matter movement is fighting for black people to be seen as equals. To make the black community come together so we can fight against the crimes that end with injustice against not only black lives, but all minorities. Police have been killing minorities for a long time. I remember hearing stories of the L.A. riots and why it happened. That situation makes me realize that the black community needs to grow together so we can stand together. We must increase the peace in ourselves so the murder of innocents can be stopped. Black Lives Matter is fighting for a change in the system, not against the system.