My Perspective as a Trump Supporter


Photo by Will Clark

Christian Nipper, Guest Writer

Editor’s Note: Christian Nipper is a senior and an avid supporter for Donald Trump. Nipper came to us to guest write so that he could show his perspective. The Paw Prints asks all comments to be civil.

Firstly, I am a conservative. On the political spectrum, I range between republican and libertarian. With that being said I had to look past some normally non-fiscal conservatism shown with President-elect Donald Trump.

Trump pretty much represents a counter-culture. Some may have heard the race-baiting name to this counter-culture given by CNN contributor Van Jones: “whitelash”. If the term “whitelash” had no negative race-baiting connotation and meant a counter-culture from a majority perspective, then yes I would accept that term. But I think this counter-culture is much more complex, and probably has something more to do with flawed ideas, the recent authoritarian left’s uprising, and possibly failing progressive public policy rather than whites just “hating them minorities”.

Beyond what Trump represents what is more important for me is how he was misrepresented by the media and most social platforms. It’s probably common knowledge to people who have never looked into his history or read his books to look at Trump as a racist. Perhaps it is easy to misread the intent from a non-practiced newly political man. He may have had a few word blunders, but those blunders were thrown out of proportion, and they completely misrepresented him and his ideas. The people saw that. However, the media saw a more flawed and malpracticed politician Hillary Clinton only as a glass ceiling breaker with no flaws who happens to win every debate. *Cough* CNN *cough*.

Looking at this election from a historical perspective, one is only thanking God to witness this firsthand. This election proved that if you under-represent the white vote (and rely solely on the numbers from the previous election cycle) that current election exit polls will be extremely misrepresented, and possibly be laughed at, from me. All kidding aside, we have learned a lot from this election like that anything is possible, how to correctly interpret polling data, and that the media knows nothing.

I’m not racist. I saw a charismatic go-getter that has better potential to influence this country for the good, rather than a corrupt 3rd consecutive party term, regardless of the party. Unfortunately, I wasn’t old enough to vote. Had I voted for Trump, I would have automatically been called a racist, bigoted homophobe from the authoritarian left. That’s what made me love Trump.

I respect most perspectives and ideologies. I don’t respect ideologies that consistently contribute to hate and bigotry. I don’t respect people who automatically label people or have an incredibly “college-calculated” ideology that reduces to rubble in the presence of reality.