Out of the Homeschooling Hole


Photo by Will Clark

Acton exasperated over her homeschooling woes

Homeschooling is a personal nightmare. It’s not for me, and I can say that because I’ve done homeschooling–twice! It was horrible and I don’t recommend it to anyone. If you struggle with mental illness or depression, you probably won’t like homeschool.

First of all, the homeschooling you see on television is not at all what it is really like. The people on TV make it seem so effortless and less time consuming, but psych! That’s just what you thought that’s what homeschooling was like.

Homeschool requires so much motivation and energy. It’s super easy to just get all the answers online and cheat. While cheating doesn’t sound like a problem, it is. I didn’t learn a single thing in homeschool, and now I have to repeat 9th-grade classes. The learning style is completely different than the style in public schools. I only get so much information because my teachers lived in different towns. Some home schools provide teachers that come to the student’s houses and teach, which sounds amazing but I wouldn’t know anything about that. I had to teach myself, and even then I gave up and looked the answers up online. Another problem for me was the lack of motivation. I didn’t care enough to try and answer questions on my own. I woke up at random times and put school off until last minute.

One of the other major problems is being home 24/7. My friends got distant after a while and I got antisocial. Being by myself all the time really took a toll on my mind. After a while, the walls of my room felt like they were closing in. Being alone created a lot of problems for me. My parents even tried to get me to join groups just so I could socialize and talk to people. I totally do NOT recommend homeschool if you struggle with not being able to control your thoughts.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are some homeschooling programs that are awesome and easy to use, but what I used (Texas Connections Academy) was not a good program. I do not know if all homeschool programs are the same and I can’t say someone else’s experience will be horrible like mine was. All I can say is I absolutely hate homeschool and I will never go back. Homeschooling has given me a new appreciation for public school.