A Rant on Society and Dress



Amanda Brent, Staff Reporter

Why is it that in schools and in society a guy can have his pants low to show his underwear or just look like a mess? But, if a girl shows her shoulders in school, has a skirt that is too short, or if she is wearing leggings then, nope! You have to cover up. And yet, the guy is alright, it doesn’t matter for him.

Women can’t wear some things because of society itself. Not because of a worldwide dress code, but because of how society works, and because mothers and fathers don’t teach their sons how to look at a woman and how not to. “Life is unfair,” said every parent ever. It makes me mad when I am in school and I see a guy wear baggy pants and gets away with it, and then a girl wears a shirt that shows her shoulders (or her bra strap is showing) and she gets in trouble and has to change her shirt. This is even more prevalent when out in public A woman is showing her body because she is proud of it or she just likes the outfit, and then I see someone looking at her and looking away. They are talking about how she is “looking for trouble” or “she is not a true woman” or something like that.

It’s not just the girls that get almost yelled at for dressing the way they do, guys can’t wear a dress out in public or to school because of how our society works. I know a guy that wants to wear a kilt, which is a kind of skirt, but it originated from Scotland. He can’t wear it out because people will look down on him because, to most people, it is not part of our culture.

When out in public or when in a school a girl or a guy shouldn’t have to think to themselves if something is socially acceptable or not. If you want to wear a dress or a kilt out in public guys, then I say go on ahead do it! As for you girls out there, if you want to wear that cute new top out in public, then do it! So what if people talk about you, why should you change how you dress to fit with society when society is the one telling us to be different or change things.