Reboots Are Rough…

January 25, 2017

When looking on entertainment, many television shows have had a huge impact on what we enjoy and how we inspire others to create their own content. Although many mistakes have been when it comes to making shows such as producing reboots.

For most T.V. shows, reboots should not be made.

Television shows shouldn’t have reboots because it ruins the reputation of the original. When an original show debuts on T.V., the producers of the show have to work hard to gain an audience and appeal to many people. They also have a lot of pressure to make sure that the writing and storyline is as perfect as possible. A great show has a story that can last a long time, but not so long that the writers lose inspiration to care about the show’s quality. These are all the great factors that make an original have a great reputation and have a long lasting audience. However, reboots don’t have to go through the same things the original show did. Unlike the original show, the reboot doesn’t have to work as hard to earn an audience and because of this the people behind the reboot don’t typically work as hard to give the show a good quality. This is the main reason why most reboots aren’t successful and shouldn’t come to existence in the first place.

Another reason reboots shouldn’t exist is because they don’t focus on the right ways to target an audience. The best show I can think of to demonstrate this is The Powerpuff Girls reboot (I haven’t watched every episode of either series, but enough to make a decent judgement). The original Powerpuff Girls didn’t want to narrow their audience to just a small group, the staff genuinely wanted anyone that watched it to enjoy what was going on which is why the content had a huge variety. The show was comedic, violent, taught great morals, went against society’s standards of how little girls should behave, and how heroes can come in many forms, not just a strong man trying to save a damsel in distress. The original show also had great and consistent storylines for each of the episodes and had a great reputation as one of the best children cartoons of all time, although the same can’t be said for the 2016 reboot. The new Powerpuff Girls lacks many qualities the original had such as not focussing on the most interesting part of a superhero’s life which is fighting villains. The reboot hardly has any focus towards action scenes in any episodes and when they do, they don’t last very long. The reboot also spends too much time trying to focus on trends of the younger generation and outdated slang.The staff puts minimal effort and time into their animation, which ends up looking sloppy and careless and they didn’t recast many of the original people who were a part of the show, including the voice actors for the Powerpuff Girls themselves.  

Now this doesn’t mean all reboots are bad, these spin-offs can improve if they had more people work on it who worked on the original show or if they listened to what their audience wants instead of trying to do what’s popular.

Overall, T.V. shows shouldn’t have spin-offs because the people behind the show don’t work as hard to make it great and they care more about what’s popular instead of having a great story and having a long lasting reputation.

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