Top Ten Ways to Stop “Fangirling”

Top Ten Ways to Stop

McKenna Mirsky, Staff Reporter

  1. Acknowledge the Problem If you spend all of your free time obsessing over a celebrity or fictional character then you have issues. Whether it’s writing creepy fanfiction, making fanart, or running a fan account you need to realize you have to resolve the problem before you scare away the few people who actually want to spend time with you.  
  2. Stay Away From Social Media If the person you love is trending on social media, it’s likely that there are thousands of other weirdos who are just as obsessed as you. They probably influence your behavior and make your fascination for your idol even worse. The best thing to do is avoid social media as much as possible or even delete your fan accounts (if you have the will to).  
  3. Stop Creating Every fangirl has some way of expressing their obsession over someone, whether it’s making fan art or writing fanfictions. Before your content becomes so creepy that your parents send you to therapy, try to stop using all of your creative abilities for this person and try to do something unique with your talents.  
  4. Stop Talking About Them If you’ve wondered why your friends always tell you they’re busy and yet they post pictures of having a good time without you, chances are all you ever talk about is the person you’re obsessed with and they want to avoid you or you’re just extremely irritating enough on your own. When you want to talk about the person you’re obsessed with, catch yourself and try to change topics before all of your friends find out how creepy you are and leave you.
  5. Stop Thinking About Them No matter how many time you fantasize about marrying your idol and how many kids you’re going to have you need a reality check. The more you think about this person the more obsessive you’ll be to the point you might even forget how to function in your daily life. No matter how perfect this person may seem, you need to accept you’re never going to be with them because they’re either fictional, they are extremely out of your league and will never know of your existence, or you need to lower your standards.
  6. Stop Buying Merchandise If you’re an extreme fangirl chances are you probably have a lot of merchandise of this person. The best way to move on is to throw away all if not most of the merchandise related to them. Telling your friends you’re only wearing the same shirts with your idol on them because you’re too lazy to do the laundry isn’t very believable once you’ve done this for several months straight.
  7. Stop Stalking If the person you’re fangirling over is real, you’re probably watching everything they do and you “know” everything about them from casual things like what their favorite food is to what’s their blood type and where they live. If you’re crazy enough, you may take it to the next level to actually go where the person lives, constantly follow them, and even send death threats if they don’t love you back. So please control your obsession before you end up on the news for becoming a creepy stalker or potentially end up as a serial killer.
  8. Get a Social Life Before you argue, having online friends who are as crazy about this person as you does not count as having a social life. You need to get out more and try to find a common interest with others excluding the person you’re addicted to. Also, try to participate in new activities and even spend more time with your family if it helps.
  9. Get Help If you’ve made it this far and you still haven’t overcome your addiction, then you must have a lot of issues (possibly stemming from childhood). Try to seek advice from friends or family. If they can’t help, try to get professional help as soon as possible.
  10. Give Up If all else fails, try to find a new person to fangirl over because I’m sure you’ll get tired of the person you’re crazy about soon enough. Either that or use your stalker skills to become an F.B.I agent and actually do something productive for once in your life.