Kamryn Hightower: A Forte Choral Member


Photo by Whitney Ethridge

Whitney Ethridge, Staff Reporter

On January 27th and 28th, Whitehouse Choir held the Solo and Ensemble competition at the highschool. More than half of the choir competed in this competition either by performing a solo, ensemble, or both. Of everyone that competed, one of the most successful was sophomore Kamryn Hightower.

As a sophomore, it is typical to compete with class two or three songs, but Hightower was an exception.

“I competed with a solo and an ensemble, and both were class one, which is the most difficult class to compete in,” Hightower said. “ My music was very difficult my solo was easier than my ensemble, but both were challenging.”

Hightower was accompanied by five other singers in her ensemble, two of which were also sophomores.

“It was a three part ensemble so each section had two girls singing their part. In the ensemble being solid on our parts was the hardest aspect,” Hightower said.

Fellow ensemble member Timayah Stewart bragged that, “Kamryn handled the difficult music with ease and grace.”

Not only did Hightower do well in the competition, she excelled. By receiving a rating of one on both her solo and ensemble she gets to compete further with her music.

“Because I received ones on my songs I get to go to Austin in May to compete in state solo and ensemble,” Hightower stated. In response to Hightowers success close friend and fellow choir member Kaity Thomas stated, “She is one of the most talented underclassmen singers in all of the choir. She has mad talent and has a bright future with choral music.”

Hightower looks forward to her future with choir and hopes for the best from all future contest.

“No matter the outcome I enjoy competing with choir because I can learn my strengths and my weaknesses, and contests help me learn how to improve my singing,” Hightower said. “I love choir, and all the friends it has brought me.”