A Procrastination Problem


Photo by Will Clark

Will Clark, Editor-in-Chief

As much as teachers and parents tell me to learn how to manage my time, you would think that I know how to do it correctly. Unfortunately for me, I am one of the worst when it comes to time management. It has become regular for me to go to sleep past midnight watching YouTube rather than do my schoolwork. Instead of doing it early, I usually finish long term assignments one or two days before the due date. I know that in college, this will backfire on me if I do not get my act together soon.

I believe my procrastination is one of the worst in my school. Frequently, I think to myself ‘Should I do that now? I have time…’ only to come to the conclusion of, ‘Nah, I’ll do it later’. Of course, I don’t. I push it until I cannot push it anymore. Once I can’t, it’s usually too late. I either rush the assignment so it isn’t my best or it doesn’t get completed at all. It’s bad enough that this happens, but it is even worse that I know the cycle and I still do it. That’s what really gets me, I think; I know the problem, but, like everything else, I put off finding a solution.

We are babied in high school. Fail to study for a test? Retake it and make up to a 70 so you can pass it. Don’t get something in on time? I’ll take a late grade. My girlfriend, who is currently attending TJC, has told me all about the late grade policy there. You don’t turn in your stuff, you don’t get any credit. Late is a 0. This scares me. Knowing my track record, I occasionally feel that I won’t succeed in college, or even in a job or career.

Unless I change that track record, I will not get anywhere in my life.

I am currently looking for time management classes so I can improve it for myself. Lord knows I need it. I implore you to do the same if you have the same issues.