A Cinematic Workplace

Photo by Haley Butler

Haley Butler, Senior Editor

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The lines grew rapidly longer while drinks were made and popcorn was bagged. Customers were building up anticipation while waiting to watch the film. Meanwhile, the employees were rushing, going as fast as their feet could take them to serve the guests the best their cinema has to offer.

Seeing a movie is one of the most popular forms of entertainment that Tyler has to provide. Seeing a movie at a theater provides first hand experience, atmosphere, convenience, and a much bigger screen with high quality sound rather than watching from the smaller screen at home.

Senior Pierce Thomas is an employee at Studio Movie Grill, one of Tyler’s newest entertainment additions located in The Village at Cumberland Park. Thomas has been working there for four months.

“Per day, Studio Movie Grill can bring in around one hundred [customers] to what seems like one thousand,” Thomas said. “When it gets really busy there are a lot of workers and a lot of running. Working at Studio Movie Grill has a fun environment and I get to meet different people everyday.”

Thomas is employed to take orders including food, drinks, and desserts to customers before or during the movie. Finding the correct seats and customers in the dark could be tricky and when times are busy it could be stressful, but by the end of the day, Thomas can guide his way and can overall make the customers happy.

Senior Noah Godsil is an employee at Times Square Cinema, the oldest of the three theaters in Tyler. Godsil has been an employed since September 17, 2016. Godsil has worked both concession and clean up crew.

“[Times Square] has a great environment and fun coworkers,” Godsil said. “During the weekdays it was can be a little slow, but depending on which movies are playing, we sell out on selective ones. I enjoy working there. I have heard stories of people not enjoying the environment or certain issues, but I really enjoy it.”

To many, working at a movie theater seems like an ideal job, since they have employee perks such as seeing a free movie or receiving a discount on snacks, food, or drinks. While lines flow and popcorn trails are made, there are always those who work to give the enjoyable experience.

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