Media Millennials

A personal insight of how social media is affecting society


Whitney Ethridge, Staff Writer

Mindlessly staring at your phone for hours on end, liking pics, retweeting, snapping, spending hours watching random videos, sharing your “perfect” life with others. Social media outlets continue to grow and encapture users more and more. I spend at least ten hours weekly on social media whether it be Snapchat, Instagram, or YouTube. I probably check my phone on an hourly basis. Being in such a technological age, it is hard to avoid social media.

Social media is considered an addiction these days, and almost everyone with a phone is an addict. I try to avoid it as much as possible but daily I still get sucked into the black hole of time wasting. It’s a part of this generation, we’re so tied in to technology that escaping is near impossible. Sometimes there seems to be a larger concern to keep a snapchat streak over having a genuine conversation with a friend. Wrapped around how many followers you have rather than who is following you. All of this is a daily part of my life, and a part I don’t entirely enjoy.

I’ll admit it I use my phone for social media way too much, but I know when to check out and enjoy what’s in front of me instead of seeing what others are doing. Vacations, and family dinners are my favorite time to unplug and not worry about anything except where I’m at and what’s in front of me. Everytime I go to a restaurant there’s always one table completely silent and everyone is staring at their phones instead of talking with their family. And it isn’t  Millennials and Generation X’s that overuse social media. In my own life I hear my stepdad talk about what’s on Facebook more than what is happening in his life. We haven’t had a single meal in the past four years where he hasn’t been scrolling on his phone. It’s a sad thing to see and experience during family events.

If everyone were to give up social media for a day I feel that there would be a lot more communication. Genuine talks between friends and family, and a higher level of focus and involvement.