Josh Jackson: Rocky VI

Senior plans on pursuing a future of boxing


Photo by Madison Kirkpatrick

Madison Kirkpatrick, Staff Reporter

Boxing is an intense sport that requires strength, endurance and skill. Senior Josh Jackson is a student who comes from a family full of boxers. The athlete has been boxing for the past seven years.

“My dad boxes professionally,” Jackson said. “And my brother boxes as well, so it kind of runs in the family.”

In the sport of boxing, there are several different styles of fighting ranging from brawler, swarmer, and counter-puncher which is what Jackson is.

“I am not a brawler, I am more of a counter-puncher.” Jackson said. “I will go and counter-punch people off. The way they move, and when they throw punches I will counter off of them.”

Competing is Jackson’s favorite part of boxing. The competitiveness of going up against others is exhilarating for him.

“Most people think that boxing is a berault sport, but I think it is like any other sport.” said Jackson. “I enjoy how I get to go in the ring and compete against other people, and fighting at my best.”

After graduation, Jackson plans on continuing boxing as far he can. He goes to the gym Monday through Friday, and even sometimes going on Saturday.