Emily Chenoweth: All-Around Talent


Photo by McKenna Mirsky

McKenna Mirsky, Staff Reporter

Being a part of band for four consecutive years faces many challenges and obstacles that many can’t handle. However, this doesn’t stop senior french horn player Emily Chenoweth  from achieving what most students could never dream of doing.

Chenoweth has made huge accomplishments for band such as making All-State and All-Area band. She talks about what inspired her to put so much dedication towards those goals for band.

“When I started band in the sixth grade, I fell in love with music so quickly and easily,”  Chenoweth said. “I realized that if I dedicate my time and effort to band, I could make a career out of my love for music.”

Chenoweth has had multiple people who motivate her to do her best in band.

“My band directors and my family all encouraged me to do my best and set goals for the future,” Chenoweth said. “It also took a lot of self motivation to accomplish my goals and be productive since they can’t do the work for me.”

She was the only band member to make the prestigious All-State band last year. She also made the All-Area band this year.

“Making the All-Region, All-Area, and All-State Bands has made me feel proud,” Chenoweth said. “It’s been difficult to make the All-Region Band, so making All-Area and All-State is a huge accomplishment.”

Chenoweth will continue playing her french horn after high school and will always find time to improve.

“Initially, I wanted to find a way to pay for college,” Chenoweth said. “I realized that if I made the Region, Area, and State Bands, as well as compete at Solo and Ensemble, I could receive more scholarships. After realizing how I love music, it was easy to compete.”

Chenoweth often reflects on her memories and best moments of being in the Whitehouse band for four years.

“I am very proud to have been a part of the Whitehouse Wildcat Band,” Chenoweth said. “I have had so much fun in marching season and concert season, I will be a little sad to leave.”

Chenoweth advises band students what they need to do in order to make a lot of accomplishments and improve.

“If you want to improve, you need to be dedicated to participating,” Chenoweth said. “Find a mentor, like a band director or someone higher up in your section, to learn from. Remember, it takes time to improve so be patient and don’t give up.”

Chenoweth has hope for her future, and passes this down to incoming band students.

“Band is a highly respected, fun, and exciting activity that anyone can take part in,” Chenoweth said. “You don’t need any musical experience.”