Courtney Eeds: Courtney and the Community

Junior Courtney Eeds new FCCLA position


Photo by Amanda Brent

Amanda Brent, Staff Reporter

Junior Courtney Eeds is going to be one of the new FCCLA state officers for the 2017-2018 year. Her position will be decided on April 6-8, and go through a nomination process to see what she gets.

“I was in such shock and filled with joy, because it was something I strived for since I joined FCCLA freshmen year and saw Jacob Smith as a state officer,” Eeds said.

FCCLA, or Family Career and Community Leaders of America, is for students in CTE. There are many events they can compete in. They can do the culinary competitions, Families and Consumer Science assessments (which are tests for different subjects), fashion design, table etiquettes, and education and training.

“FCCLA is the largest student led organization with family as its central focus,” Eeds said. “When you join FCCLA, it’s like joining a whole other family. The friendships made last a lifetime.”