Capriuna Howard: Strength to Move On


Photo by Tristan Kerans

Alesha Acton, Staff Reporter

Strength is something many people wish they had, but what they don’t know is that it comes from the inside. Sophomore Capriuna Howard is a living example of strength. She has faced some rough obstacles, but it has shaped her into who she is today.

Ever since Howard was young, she struggled with her and her father’s relationship. While extremely confused, she tried to fix the relationship and glue everything back together, but things didn’t go to plan. Not having a strong father figure in her life created problems, but she hasn’t let them take over her life.

“[Not having my dad] has held me and my mom back financially,” Howard said.

There were times when she was let down, confused, and hurt emotionally.

“I get sad about it sometimes, but I have to realize it could be worse,” Howard said. “At the end of the day you can’t force somebody to be in your life that doesn’t want to be in it.”

Growing up she has come to find positive ways to look at her situation. She doesn’t let it bring her down anymore, instead she lets it bring her up.

Having her father come in and out of her life, Howard finally decided to cut her father out of her life. While this decision was very hard, she knew she needed to do it so she could grow in a positive way.

She finally came to the point in which she asked herself “do I want to be around someone that doesn’t want to be in my life, or be around someone that wants to be in my life and will spend time with me?”

Her life has gotten a little easier ever since her decision.

Howard is focusing on completing her high school medical course and going to college. She may not have both parents to influence her, but she does have her mom and other family members. Watching her Aunt Keisha go to college and study hard has not only inspired her, but has also motivated her plenty.

“You can’t really focus on the what ifs and whys, you’ve just got to move on with life,” Howard said. “You don’t want somebody that’s in and out of your life, you want somebody that’s constantly in your life.”