Jennifer Carter: Senior Takes the Honors

Carter Reflects on NHS Involvement


Photo by Madison Kirkpatrick

Madison Kirkpatrick, Staff Reporter

Senior Jennifer Carter, for the past two years, has learned responsibility and leadership skills during her time with National Honor Society. She often helps with the monthly teachers’ breakfast, and she lent a hand during the Blood Drive.

“National Honor Society has taught me a lot of responsibility and leadership skills,” Carter said. “It has helped me out a lot throughout high school with things such as time management with hours and maintaining my grades.”

National Honor Society teaches it’s members how to be organized and how they can prosper after high school, so they will not go into life unprepared. Carter has taken many of these lessons to heart.

“The skills I have learned will absolutely carry on to my everyday life after high school,” Carter said. “With every adult there comes responsibility and obligations that must be dealt with. National Honor Society has taught me early on how to deal with these things, and it is an exceptional organization on teaching high schoolers basic things to prosper in life.”