Review: The Shack


Ariel Orr, Junior Editor

The Shack was a heartwarming, tear-jerking, biblical-based drama. The main storyline follows a father’s journey to peace and acceptance after his daughter is brutally kidnapped and murdered. His faith is tested and three individuals, representing the Holy Trinity, meet him at The Shack, where his daughter was killed, to help him realize that God is for him and not against him. He goes through many trials before he is able to overcome his anger.

Controversy arose regarding the beliefs expressed in the movie, such as who gets to go to Heaven. From my point of view, I felt the movie was a great representation of the Bible. However, like in most cases, points in the movie can be interpreted in many different ways. I believe The Shack was an eye opening movie that can be life changing to believers and non-believers who have dealt with a loss and questioned God’s involvement.