Eva Davies: Davies Determination

Overcoming physical adversity


Photo by Katrina Christine

Katrina Christine, Staff Reporter

There are about 10,829 babies born each day in the United States. While births can be exciting and new, they can also hold some hardships. On the day of her birth,  junior Eva Davies and her parents experienced some. In the middle of delivery, Davies’ mother was having some complications and the doctor had step in.

“Being such a big baby the doctor had to make a decision,” Davies said. “Instead of doing a C section he decided to pull me by the right arm, dislocating my shoulder.”

This one instant changed how her arm moved. Because the doctor pulled on her arm, she was never able to fully extend her arm out all the way. Growing up Davies couldn’t do everything all the other kids her age could.

“As a young kid I have trouble doing what the other kids were doing,” Davies said. “Like the monkey bars, but that didn’t stop me from doing gymnastics and dance.”

Regardless of what happened, it didn’t stop her from doing what she wanted. She pulled through and tried her hardest and excelled at everything she put her mind to.

“Even though it sucked, I still pulled through,” Davies said. “Now I can do almost anything anyone else can do.”