Grad to Bride: Where Are They Now?


Photo by Cynthia Jones

Haley Butler, Senior Editor

Adjusting the cap just right, zipping up the maroon gown and preparing for your last steps at Whitehouse High School may seem like a serious and emotional day, maybe even the most important day of your life. However, for some 2016 grads, there may have been or will be a day that trumps the special day; their wedding day.

“I never would have thought right out of high school I would be getting married,” 2016 graduate Alyssa Jones said. “I had always been a bookworm, but then one day I just happened to meet the right guy, and I’m thankful for that.”

 Whitehouse High School Graduates Alyssa Jones (maiden name Tomlin) and Eric Jones are now married after meeting at a local church years ago, and they have been standing next to each others’ side ever since.

“My wedding day was absolutely perfect.” Jones said. “We were surrounded by friends and family that supported us, and now I get to spend every day with the love of my life.”

While attending WHS, Alyssa was involved in the yearbook staff. Throughout her high school career, she spent it by Eric Jones’ side. On June 26, 2016, Jones performed her routine of fixing her hair and makeup more carefully, tugged into a flowing white gown and heard the zipper behind her. She continued to her finishing touches as she slid into the perfect heels picked for her perfect day and placed her veil in the right place on the top of her curls.

“Many have the opinion that people my age are too young and immature to make their own decisions or get married,” Jones said. “We ignored that, gathered  support around us throughout the process and had our Harry Potter themed wedding. Both of our families are thrilled and happy for the both of us.”