Prom Pep Talk

Getting ready for prom in a nutshell


Photo by Lauryn Killian

Students from last year's prom having a blast

Amanda Brent, Staff Reporter

Prom is super stressful, especially if you’re like me and this year’s prom will be your first one to ever go to.

First off, you have to find a date or you’ll be going with a group of friends (or alone, however you roll). Next you need to (if female) get a dress or (if male) a nice suit. It’s a great idea to match colors and try to look like you belong there. For guys, match your date, get her flowers and you pay for your ticket AND hers (be a gentleman!).

Once you have the outfit down just need to figure out how you’re getting to prom. Who is driving? Who is picking up whom? Prom photos! (that’s mostly for the parents though) For most proms, you can get there almost anytime and leave early or wait until it’s over, but what you do after is also important. You could go eat dinner, go home, or even go hang out with friends.

Prom is going to be VERY stressful, but if you take a step back and plan things out, you should be fine.