From Cats to Kansas

Whitehouse alum drafted to Kansas City Chiefs

Dylan Shackelford, Staff Reporter

He has done it.

Whitehouse alum Patrick Mahomes II has made, not just WHS, but the entire community proud after being selected 10th overall to the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 NFL draft. Just making it into the NFL is incredibly impressive, getting drafted in the first round is even more impressive, but top 10? That is insane.

It is crazy to think that someone that walked the same halls, sat in the same desks, and ate in the same cafeteria as us is now a role model to other boys and girls all over the country. If you still don’t care, go rewatch the draft. If you look closely, right after they announce Mahomes name, they show a screen with all of his information, and at the top it has his hometown. Millions of people saw “Whitehouse, TX” on national T.V.

Everyone in Whitehouse already knew he was, sports fan or not. He dominated playing for the Wildcats, leading us to a perfect season his senior year and giving us a run at the playoffs. Mahomes then went on to Texas Tech where he took the starting job away from now-Oklahoma Sooner quarterback Baker Mayfield. After earning the starting position, he began to work his magic (the same magic we have seen him work at the stadium right down the road). Mahomes was outstanding at Tech, breaking records left and right, including most total yards in a single game in NCAA history (819 yards vs. Oklahoma Oct. 22, 2016).

Although most of us were hoping the Houston Texans would select him, the Kansas City Chiefs can be a perfect spot. He has all he needs to be successful: a good defense, a good wide receiving core led by Tyreek Hill and Jeremy Maclin, and a great tight end in Travis Kelce. Mahomes will also have great mentors in KC. Alex Smith is a great quarterback and still has a year or two left in him. This will allow Mahomes to develop and learn how to be an NFL quarterback, so when Andy Reid calls his number, he will be ready. Speaking of Andy Reid, he was the genius that helped develop another big name quarterback you may have heard of. Brett Favre. That’s right. One day, our very own Patrick Mahomes might become one of the greatest football players of all time.