Hello, My Name is Introvert

Ten things that introverts hate

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Hello, My Name is Introvert

Madison Kirkpatrick, Staff Reporter

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Hey there! Here’s a list of ten things that introverts hate, from the inner world of an introvert. Introverts are people who are quiet, tend to keep to themselves, and are often avoiding of people. Nonetheless, we do like to respect and be respected of rights and limits to people.

  • Crowds

Introverts hate large crowds. We prefer small groups, or no one at all. We’re not social animals, at all. Yes we like talking to people, but we have a time limit. Like, when people talk loudly or all at once, just stop talking and get away from me.

  • Talking on the phone

We do not, I repeat do not, like talking on the phone for any reason. Whether it be make an appointment, talk to a friend. Just, no! Don’t do it. It’s like living your worse nightmare. It’s awful.

  • Being told all introverts are antisocial

We are not antisocial! We can be quiet when we want to be. We don’t go out of our way to talk to people. We have our group of really close friends that we talk to, but that doesn’t mean we’re antisocial.

  • Small talk

There are no words to describe how much we hate small talk. We don’t see the point of it. It’s annoying and unnecessary. We prefer actual in depth conversations, that actual mean something.

  • Simultaneously looking forward to a fun event and dreading it

When there’s something coming up that we think is fun, we will panic about actually having to go out and leave the house. It’s something I like to call “Last Minute Syndrome” you try to come up with a reason why you can’t go and do whenever it is until the last second before you have to leave.

  • When people ask you “are you ok” just because you’re quiet

It’s so annoying when I’m asked if I’m ok if I stop talking. Yes i am ok, if i stopped talking it’s because i don’t have anything else to say, doesn’t mean something’s bothering me. Calm down.

  • Being told to “relax” and “be more social”

I’ve been told this several times, i am as social as i want to be, so don’t tell me to be more social. I’m not an extrovert, i can’t just walk up to random people and start talking to them. That’s not me.

  • Loud noises

I cannot stand any form of loud noises, at all. I love the quiet. So places like the cafeteria are the worst thing ever. It’s just too loud. Loud noises make my head hurt, and irritated me, and always get me in a bad mood.

  • People who mistake your silence as being anything other than being content

If i’m quiet and not talking, that doesn’t mean i’m mad or upset, or anything like that; just simply means that i’m happy or have nothing to talk about. Because if i don’t have anything interesting to talk about i will not talk.

  • Being regarded as a snob or aloof because you’re quiet

People who think, that i think that i’m better than them simply because i don’t talk as much are idiots. I have never nor will i ever think of myself better than anyone else. I know that there will always be someone better than myself. Get over yourself.

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