Console v. PC: A Gaming Battle


Photo by Amanda Brent

Amanda Brent, Staff Reporter

Video games have expanded since the first Pac-man games. There are many ways to play games nowadays; PC, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, and mobile. The war in the gaming world on whether or not PC is better or worse than consoles and had been going on for years.

After playing on all the different platforms and reading up on the facts and have come to the conclusion that PC gaming is way better.

For starters, the price range for the different consoles are the most expensive. After a few years, you have to buy a whole new one to get the next level of technology, unlike PC where you can buy a $100 computer and then put whatever upgrades you want into it.

Another thing is that the games for PC are cheaper to buy than consoles. Some can be $10 or lower in price on PC, and the sales happen more often and are a greater discount (especially on Steam).

Lastly, you can modify most games on PC to make them more fun or add more things to mess with. This is unlike console gaming, where you get the game and the dlc and nothing else.

Now that’s not all the ways that PC gaming is the best way to play games and is the master race when it comes to gaming.