Is Advisory All That Bad?


Photo by Paige Dyer

A student with Mrs. Landry during advisory period.

Katrina Christine, Staff Reporter

There have been many different changes at WHS since WISD has hired Dr. Moran as the new superintendent. Since the year started, the administration has tried out a new idea: power hour. Power Hour gives students time to eat lunch while also providing a time to go to tutorials or club meetings.

Many students have seen this time as beneficial, but it’s not always used wisely. The first week of school and the week coming back from Christmas break, we had an advisory class that took up half of the power hour. This time was used to describe how things are going to work and some changes that may have been made. Also, days that only certain grades are testing, we go to our advisory period to help keep students contained to help prevent noise for testers.

Other than that we never go to our advisory classes. However, recently there have been disturbances, and there needed to be some actions taken to help prevent that in the future. Here’s where the advisory came back in. Many students have complained and given their opinion about the matter, should we have to go to power hour?

I’ve asked many students in different grades their opinions on the matter. The majority of the people say they absolutely hate advisory. They say it’s a waste of time and they find it unnecessary. But are there good aspects of the advisory period? Personally I think there is. It gives students necessary time to hear instructions and things regarding their day to day lives at WHS. Also, it allows teachers and staff members to keep track of students and their whereabouts and help to keep other students safe.