No Shave No More

Staff Member Gives Opinion On New Dress Code Change


Photo by Timia Cobb

A Whitehouse High student puts shaving cream on his face before he has to shave.

Timia Cobb, Staff Writer

Whitehouse has always been strict when it comes to enforcing the school’s dress code. A seductive shoulder would never go unseen in the hallway, and a too scruffy chin would never win the fight against a razor from the front office. Starting this school year, the dress code is allowing all boys to grow out beards, as long as it does not become too distracting.

The decision to let male students grow out their facial hair is a smart choice because it gives the students more freedom, and can also open doors for even more dress code changes.

The reason behind changing the dress code could be because of the high number of  students coming into the office, and having to shave due to being out of dress code. Letting students grow out their beards relieves a lot of stress from the faculty who have to enforce the dress code and also the school will not have to provide razors anymore for boys who have to shave. Given all the reasons why it would be easier to allow facial hair in school, it’s very understable why it was decided to let students grow beards.

For the school board, to allow male students to grow beards can actually be a good thing.

Facial hair is not distracting and isn’t something a person can just stop growing. Boys can finally take a break from shaving every morning and come to school showing their natural hairy chins without fear of being called to the office and having to shave. Hopefully, students will understand the opportunity they’ve been given and will not abuse their new freedoms. To be given a chance to grow out their facial hair can be a small step towards our school having more trust in us when it comes to the rules and dress code.

Having beards in a school or in a work environment has always been seen as unprofessional and messy looking, but our school is trying to put a stop to that image. Men can’t help the facial hair they grow, just like women can’t help the shoulders they have. Our school could be giving us a chance to be more comfortable and that is an amazing thing.

Just simply allowing boys to have beards can build a pathway to having a easier dress code for all students.