Cross Country to Compete at District


Photo by Elizabeth Freeman

Freshman Andrew Moran running the 5K during the cross country meet at Brook Hill High School.

Dana Ramirez, Junior Editor

The Cross Country team will be competing on October 11 for the District Meet at Ennis.

“Both boys’ and girls’ teams are going to be really competitive,” Cross Country coach Don Garlitz said. “I think we have a good chance to advance both of our teams to the regional meets.”

Cross Country is a 5 kilometer (around 3.1 miles) race. Ennis, Corsicana, Jacksonville, Nacogdoches, Lindale, and Whitehouse are all competing to run in the Regional meet.

“Jacksonville won last year, but Ennis and Corsicana are pretty good this year,” Cross Country captain Spencer Otero said. “I think we’ll do better this year.”

The team have been training at 5:45 a.m. in preparation for this meet, doing repeats in the parking lot, long distance running, and training in intervals, where they run short distances at fast times.

“Coach Garlitz does have a pretty good plan in place,” junior Haris Khan said. “Things like repeats and stuff, he looks into it and he basically like–he knows where we’re at because he coaches both track and cross country, so he has a lot more interactions with us. He knows where our limits are and pushes us beyond that.”

The team is hoping to improve from last year’s 3rd place, to 1st place at District.

“I’m competitive so I like to get out and try and beat other people, or at least beat my own times,” junior Christopher Knight said. “It’s nice because, when you go through things as hard as some of the cross country practices are you’ll definitely get to be a lot closer, and it’s nice to be surrounded by good friends.”