Follow-Up: Whitehouse v. Kennedale


Photo by Katrina Christine

Senior Reed Burdette plays his trumpet as the football game ensues.

Kendhal Fry, Sports Writer

Whitehouse Wildcats’ final non – district game against Kennedale Wildcats. Whitehouse will receive to get things started tonight, the wildcats will start off at the 25. Whitehouse goes three and out and jake clemons punts the ball down to the 38 and a fair catch is called. Kennedale facing a 4th and 2 looking to go for it and they do Kennedale takes it 54 yards for a touchdown, pat is good the score is Kennedale 7, Whitehouse 0.9:08 left in the first quarter  this game. Kennedale kicks the ball off and Whitehouse will take it at the 25, Clemons hands off the ball to cook and he runs for 55 yards for a Wildcats touchdown and the pat is good the score is all tied up.

Whitehouse kick goes out of bounds at the 6 , Kennedale will start the 30 . Kennedale calls their first timeout of the half, facing a 3rd and 7 from the whitehouse 44 . its 4th and 7 for kennedale and they bring out their punting unit. Whitehouse will take over at the 25 , Clemons steps back and throws a interception, Kennedale takes back to the 1 first and goal. Kennedale runs it in the next play, pat is good. Whitehouse goes three and out on the next possession , punts the ball down at the 36. Kennedale  is still up 14-7 with 2:06 left in the 1st , Kennedale takes it 64 yards in two plays for a touchdown, pat is good score is 21 to 7 Kennedale up by 2 touchdowns 1:26 left in the 1st quarter. Kennedale will start their possession at the Whitehouse 45, good return for Kennedale because Whitehouse got a personal foul called on them. End of first quarter Kennedale 21, Whitehouse 13, Kennedale facing 2nd and 5 at the Whitehouse 30.

Kennedale takes it 32 yards for another wildcat touchdown run , pat is good score is 28-13  11:18 left in the 2nd half. Whitehouse calls their second timeout of the half, facing 3rd and 1 at the Kennedale 49 , with 8:59 left in 2nd half. Clemens throws his second interception of the night, 1st drive whitehouse looked really well it will be Kennedales ball at the 25. Kennedale facing 4th and 3 on the Whitehouse 33. Kennedale picks up another 1st down , ball at the Whitehouse 17, time is running out for the wildcats. Kennedale has thrown 2 passes, running themselves out of the half. Touchdown Kennedale, pat is good score is 35-13 with 26 seconds left in the half. And that’s halftime folks Kennedale 35 Whitehouse 13. Kennedale’s running  game is killing the defence.                       

Whitehouse is set to kickoff to Kennedale. Whitehouse is looking to pull a new england patriots against the falcons. Kennedale picks up the first with a QB keeper, touchdown Kennedale and pat is good mate your score is 42-13 Kennedale is up. Whitehouse goes 3 and out pretty quickly, and it will be Kennedales ball at the 45. Kennedale throws their pass of the game and it is incomplete. Kennedale fumbles the ball and Whitehouse recovers. Jake Clemons goes down, Flint Herrington will come in at QB. That’s the end end of the 3rd quarter, score is 42-13 Kennedale up. 64 yard touchdown run for Kennedale, pat is good the score is 49-13 Kennedale up. Whitehouse turns it over on down, Kennedale ball at midfield. Kennedale throws the ball for the 4th time of the game and it is incomplete. Kennedale fumbles the ball, Whitehouse will recover it and that will be a 1st down at the 49. Herrington throws an interception, Kennedales ball with 8:42 left. Kennedale scores again, pat is good, the score is 56-13 and that will be game. Whitehouse will drop to 3-2 of the year with a loss to Kennedale.