For The Love Of Music

Senior Releases Original Album Onto iTunes, Spotify


Photo by Courtesy Photo

Lisk's album cover for his original soundtrack 'Late Nights'.

Kate McLeod, Editor-in-Chief

Grabbing his laptop out of his backpack, senior David Lisk gets to work. Gazing at his computer screen, he composes and creates instrumental music to be featured in his original album. His fingers type frantically as he thinks of rhythms and melodies, and with one simple ‘click’, his work of art is uploaded on a worldwide platform for people across the globe to listen to.

Lisk released his first album, ‘Late Nights’, to iTunes and Spotify on Nov. 14. The album consists of five songs, each of which has a hopeless romantic theme.

“Everything on the album is original,” Lisk said. “I recorded about 15 songs for it. I chose the songs for the final album based off of the story I was telling. The first song is called ‘Late Nights’ and the last song is called ‘Early Mornings’.”

In order to make the instrumental sounds in his music, Lisk uses a computer software program called Logic. He records his singing at his home recording studio, and combines the singing and instrumental sounds to create his songs.

“One of my favorite moments watching David work on his music was during homecoming week,” journalism teacher Paige Dyer said. “He is a staff aid during one of my classes, and I had taken videos of the homecoming hallway decorations. I needed to add sound to the videos, and within 45 minutes

David composed his own music to each of the four videos I had taken. It is incredible how musically gifted he is.”
Lisk has been recording his album’s music for approximately three months. He was not expecting to release the album, but became inspired after recording a few songs.

“I wasn’t planning on coming out with the album, but after recording a few songs I decided to give it a shot,” Lisk said. “I realized that I liked the way the songs sounded and how they told a story through the music.”

Music has been a valuable aspect in Lisk’s life, and he started making music when he was just nine-years-old. When he turned 11, he started writing songs, and he plans on pursuing a career in music after he graduates high school.

“It’s been my dream to be a producer since I was 12-years-old,” Lisk said. “I want to major in business in college so I can start my own record company. My love for music will continue long after I graduate.”