Expanding Our House

Superintendent, Principal Provide Construction Update


Photo by WRL General Contractors Drone Footage

Photo of WHS Student Parking Lot Entrance.

Dana Ramirez, Junior Editor

In 2016, the district approved of a bond that will expand, renovate, and rebuild various school facilities around town. The construction of new facilities for the high school is proceeding as planned, with the new CTE wing projected to be finished at April.

“The construction projects are going well at the high school, besides some occasional noise,” principal Dr. Jonathan Campbell said. “We are on target for timelines for completion. The other additions will be completed in the summer.”

Additional facilities to the school include: New CTE Wing; New welding shop, and other Ag science classrooms; New Ag Barn; New Greenhouse; New addition to the science wing with four new science labs, and two standard classrooms.

“The new additions will help improve the school’s image,” sophomore Salina Jiang said. “It’s really helpful for band students since we’ll have a place to new place to practice our music.”

A new Fine Arts wing (with a new band hall, choir room, and dance hall); Locker room additions and new Athletic Trainers area; And a new indoor multipurpose practice facility will be added as well.

“I’m very excited to have a new facility this coming school year,” choir director Amy McMichael said. “I can’t wait to see the finished product and to get a chance to reorganize everything when I move over to the new room.”

Administration is planning to move into the renovated Brown elementary and have the new Junior High ready for use in August. WISD is considering starting school one week later to allow for the moves to successfully take place prior to the beginning of school.

“The recent cold and rain have delayed some activities, but overall, each project is on schedule and progressing as planned,” superintendent Dr. Christopher Moran said. “The highschool is adding 80,000 square feet to the facility and we are excited for all the programs that will benefit from the expansion.”