Swimming Towards Success

Eli Cosper, Staff Writer

The state competition for the UIL Swimming and Diving team will begin over the weekend of Feb. 16th. This meet is going to feature head of the Swim Team, senior Joanna Moran, in her latest dive.

“Going to State last year was a dream,” Moran said. “I was not expected to make finals, so I just decided to swim my fastest and learn from the experience.”

Dedication is practically in the name of the sport, given that Swim requires rigorous hours spent practicing, improving, and advancing. After years of two hours of before and after school practicing, Moran has successfully advanced to State two years in a row.
“Swimming with the best in Texas was such a neat experience,” Moran said. “I am absolutely thrilled to do it again.”
Also, another member of the team earned a reward. Sophomore Joseph “Micah” Beard is a new comer to the swimming scene, and he already advanced to regionals.

“It was kinda surprising that I had done so well at [regionals] considering that I hadn’t done [swim] before,” Beard said. “Since baseball wasn’t really working out, I tried for swim. It really gave me a big confidence boost, going out there, never having done it.”

Many of the members say that they wouldn’t have made it here today if it wasn’t for their coach’s dedication. In fact, those same members say that there coach’s dedication inspired their own.

“Mr. Eeds has done a great job organizing and leading our team,” Moran said. “He has spent countless early mornings and late nights at the pool, and I’m so appreciative of everything he’s done for the swim team.”

People on the team have expressed heartbreak over the loss Sophomore Lindsey Jones experienced at regionals, who was knocked out of advancing to state by 4/10ths of a point. This is because region V-5A is the fastest in Texas.

“[I feel] extremely angry,” sophomore Eric Spaude said.”It’s not fair that people from a different region who swam ten seconds [or] five seconds slower than her are going to state when she has to stay [with a place] at regionals.”

Despite missing state as a sophomore, members of the swim team expect Jones to advance to state as a junior, just as Moran did her junior year.

“Lindsey Jones was really close to going to state this year,” Moran said. “She will definitely qualify in 2019.”