We Will Remember Dear Whitehouse High

Morgan Gage, Staff Writer

In order to say goodbye to the school that served as both a high school and junior high to much of the community before it is torn down, Whitehouse residents gathered on July 8th to say goodbye to the school.

A crowd mostly comprised of former Whitehouse alumni and faculty gathered at what last served as Whitehouse Junior High school and took a photo on the steps of the school, singing the school song one last time together before the construction crew tears down the building. As a part of a bond passed by the community, a new junior high was built to replace the old school.

“We had so much fun. We were the original Kittenettes. We were there at the start of it. I met some cool people, everlasting friends, my BFF. Nobody left here unless they were forced to,” said Wanda Bouie Eely, class of ‘72. “This is a sentimental time for us.” Looking at the front of the old school, she added, “Look, we can see our old mascot. I’m glad to see it on the shirts.”

At the gathering, many people recalled memories from their years at the school and reconnected with others they graduated with.

“I feel nostalgic. I met my husband here,” said Jacquelyn Lackey, class of ‘95. “I remember Mrs. Rash, the English teacher back then. I can still, to this day, quote Beowulf and Hamlet because of her.”

There are a lot of fine, fine people who walked out of both of these doors.”

— Denny Whitley

Many of the former faculty had the chance to reminiscence on and revisit the students they taught through the years.

“There are a lot of fine, fine people who walked out of both of these doors who are doing good in the world today because of this institution,” said former band director Denny Whitley. “Now we have that same institution. It’s just in a different spot, creating the same type of world leaders that we created here.”