Top Ten Pieces of Advice for Freshman

How to Make the Most of Freshman Year


Morgan Gage, Caitlin Gorbett, and Brayden Hogue

  1. Don’t be afraid of seniors.

Seniors are too busy with college applications and enjoying what’s left of high school to spend their time teasing you. The majority of seniors are more than happy to help you with any of your concerns, and plenty of them want you to join the organizations they are apart of.


  1. Don’t date seniors.

Beyond that, don’t date upperclassmen. Age gaps in high school are big ones since so much changes year to year. Your focus should never be on a high school romance. Classwork and your future goals should always take top priority.


  1. Don’t go down the main staircase.

Adjusting to some of the rules of the high school campus can be difficult, especially when you aren’t used to going up and down stairs to make it to all of your classes. One of the biggest things to remember is to never go down the main staircase between classes. It interrupts the flow of student traffic to and from class. There are staircases on each side of the upper floor that will be easier for you and others if you go down them.


  1. Pay attention to your grades.

Freshman year grades do factor into your GPA which counts when you’re applying to college. Even though it seems like grades don’t matter much now, save yourself some stress junior year by keeping your grades up now.


  1. Take advantage of Power Hour.

Power Hour isn’t meant to be just an hour long lunch. Take advantage of your teacher’s tutorials times, and don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help if there’s anything that you’re confused about. Explore different clubs that you’re interested in and spend free time during lunch working on homework or studying in advance.


  1. Don’t overextend yourself.

While it can tempting to join several different time consuming organizations, hold back from doing so. Although you should be sure to get involved in school activities and all that Whitehouse has to offer. Taking part in too many clubs during lunch can prevent you from getting much needed help with your grades. A full schedule of UIL teams, Students for Jesus, Poetry Club,  and Key Club seems like fun, but it can easily become overwhelming. Get involved in things you’re passionate about, but don’t overcommit.


  1. Practice self care.

High school can become stressful very quickly, so be sure to take care of yourself. Make sure to stay hydrated, put effort into your appearance as it can boost your confidence, and take a moment to relax in between studying and homework.


  1. Don’t stop in the middle of the hallway.

You’re just going to irritate everyone behind you and possibly make yourself late to your next class. Do everyone a favor and keep walking.


  1. Be kind to those around you!

Kindness is always the best tool for you to use when interacting with others. No one wants to have the reputation as being a jerk, and people will be more likely to treat you with kindness and respect if you do the same in turn.


  1. School is what you make of it.

High school can easily be a miserable experience if you focus on the negative aspects of it, but if you get involved in things you’re passionate about and make an effort to connect to those around you it can be an amazing four years. Don’t let your freshman year or any of high school get away from you. Take advantage of all of the best parts and have an amazing year!