Whitehouse Wins 1st Game of the Season

Imahn McAlister, Staff Writter

Whitehouse and Henderson face off in the first football game of the season. In only four minutes Whitehouse was able to score a touchdown earning themselves 8 points, and only moments later securing themselves another 8 points,  making the score Whitehouse-16 Henderson-0. But soon after these touchdowns occur, Henderson scored 6 points for themselves. But Henderson doesn’t catch up with Whitehouse, in fact Whitehouse scored another touchdown. But soon after that amazing touchdown, a Whitehouse ball gets caught by Henderson! But Whitehosue doesn’t let that stop them, in fact Whitehouse scores another touch down making the score Whitehouse-29 Henderson-7. Whitehouse continues it’s lead, and by half-time Whitehouse has a score of 37 while Henderson continues with its’s score of 7.

After the half-time show, Henderson scores a touchdown, bringing their score form 7 to 14. Henderson scores yet another touch down, turning their score 20. But Whitehouse doesn’t let that stop them; they scored a touchdown, making the scores Whitehouse-43 Henderson-21. And Whitehouse continued their victory streak and wins by a score of 50-28!

This game was a sight to behold. Just watching the football player play so adamantly and everyone at Whitehouse couldn’t be more proud.