Football: Behind the Scenes


Imahn McAlister, Staff Writter

The whistle blares across the field accompanied with the hoarse shouts of the coaches yelling out plays. Football players, fatigued from hours of practice jog into their formations, ready for another round. Although the players have been provided tools to succeed, there is no way to guarantee their spot at playoffs.

Coach Marcus Gold, who has been coaching for 9 years at Irving and Whitehouse, has his players working hard to prepare for playoffs during the second week of November.

“A lot of planning is done during the spring and summer [such as:] organizing, practicing plays, figuring out days to practice on, and getting rosters together,” Gold said.

In the off-season football players lift weights to stay fit, study to keep their grades up, and prepare for games to come.

“Usually in the off-season we’re just working out and getting our minds right,” middle linebacker Michael Robbie said.

Because of off-season practices, the varsity football team are prepared to win every game thus far. However, they still have to prepare for any future competition.

“Our district is pretty even,” Gold states. “ I think every single week there’s an opponent that we can beat, and there’s an opponent that can beat us.”