New Shows This Fall


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Eli Cosper, Staff Writer

As Labor Day weekend comes to a close, the entertainment industry flourishes, bringing forth several television premieres, some returning chronicles, and a sad, slow goodbye to one beloved television show to hit its final season.

In spite of the droning heat outside, the new releases of television inside appear promising. Manifest, to be directed by David Frankel, will premiere on September 24th. It is said to follow 191 passengers’ journeys as they attempt to reintegrate into society following five years of disappearance that they all perceived to be mere hours aboard their plane.

The trailer has fans of the hit, retired show Lost drawing parallels already. The tone between both shows appears the same, so fans of one show will most likely enjoy the other!

Another show to hit the industry is Maniac, directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga and premiering on Netflix on September 21st. This dark comedy will follow the lives of two people, one a schizophrenic and the other a hopeless romantic, both who intend to subject themselves (and ten others) to a pharmaceutical trial that claims to hold the perfect cure to their mental problems.

Little is clear on the plot of the show besides the obvious trailers, and following Netflix Originals’ pattern of comedy, Maniac just might be a rollercoaster of sincere drama and light-hearted, dank humor.

The Mayans, a spin-off sequel to the retired TV series Sons of Anarchy, will premiere September 3rd. This show, if SOA is anything to go by, is said to be extremely mature, and that is only proven by the details of the trailer.

The quick preview entails that the new narrative will be of a fresh ex-con entering a motorcycle “club” by the same name of the show as a “prospect” (someone with no democratic power in the club), and may mayhem follow.

Finally, we might just bid farewell to a long-loved series this fall. The Big Bang Theory will be directed by Mark Cendrowski in its 12th season to air, and according to Johnny Galecki, 12 seasons is just enough.

Spoilers for the first episode of the new season are already available online despite the planned premiere date of September 24th. It is said that a few of the opening episodes will be focused on the honeymoon phase of Sheldon, played by Jim Parsons, and Amy’s, played by Mayim Bialik, marriage.

In saying goodbye to loved “nerd” shows, we say hello to binge-watching on sites such as Netflix in the never-failing embrace of fall heat. And with all these new, promising series on the way, why wouldn’t you want to binge?