Counselors: Always Working

Lelia Edmonson, Staff writer

Flipping through the schedule request forms, the counselors know they are starting the year out busy.  

At the start of the year, the counselors worked consistently to make sure everyone’s schedule was equipped with eight periods.

“I respect the fact that it took countless hours to do it,” assistant principal Travis Splinter said. “They did an impressive job at meeting the deadline and getting things done in time.”

This year the master schedule has changed. Certain classes are only offered during certain periods of the day which creates schedule conflicts.

“Things fluctuate from year to year so I kind of expected the change this year,” counselor Theresa Gray said. “We understand that there will be change, but students sometimes feel like everything is going to stay the same and it’s not.”

Many students are appreciative of the counselors and the work they put into creating the schedules.

“I have a really good schedule.” Sophomore Aloha Giles said. “They worked with me because I took a summer class so I appreciate them.”