Popping In With The Pom Squad


Sarah Tarrant, Staff Writer


The stage lights blaze overhead. The roar of the crowd rumbles the ground as the music starts and their captain counts them off. In a perfectly practiced wave of jumps and splits, The Pom Squad begins their routine.

The Pom Squad will perform at different events this year including pep rallies, basketball games, and the Spring Spectacular at the end of the year.

“We started Maroon Illusion at the Jr. High two years ago and we realized that the girls coming in to 9th grade needed an outlet for performances — they needed an identity,” drill team coach Mrs. Norman said.

The Pom Squad, a renamed version of the Pre-Drill class, offers more opportunities for experience in performances.

“The Pom Squad exposes students to drill team and performance,” Norman said.

Because they would be performing this year, Mrs. Norman, the school’s drill team coach, decided to give the group of girls an identity.   

“This year we hope to give our group of girls much needed opportunities to perform,” Norman said.