The Future of Fashion is Retro

10 Fashion Trends that are making a come back.


Brayden Hogue, Staff Writer

1.) High waisted jeans

The jeans of the 40’s. They come in many different styles from Blue jeans to Zoot Suits, they have become very popular in the recent decade as blue jeans.

2.) Scrunchies

The scrunchie has been around since the 80’s but was overruled by the hair-tie. It has been slowly coming back with teenagers as it is “a necessity for long hair”.

3.) Overalls

The multi-purpose jeans with many pockets, they can be used by a farmer, artist, and even models. they had an all-time high in the 90’s and are slowly making its way back into modern trends.

4.) Chunky heels

The large, bulky heels that go best with formal wear have been making a comeback from the 70’s since they were overpowered by stiletto heels.

5.) Flannels

The warm, fuzzy, and plaid light jackets that many wear in the fall time is very stylish at this point in time. They date back to the 70’s yet had an all-time high in the 90’s when bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam used they as a part of their shaggy look.

6.) Floral patterns

Floral was a big deal in the 90’s, they were mainly on blouses, they were well paired with mom jeans.

7.) Chokers

Chokers come back from the 80’s when they went well with the crazy hairstyles and exotic clothing choices.

8.) Crop tops

The go-to summer shirt is the crop top, a very popular shirt of the 90’s has become a very popular shirt of the 10’s, they are very comfortable and light which are necessities for the summer heat.

9.) Pant Suits

The formal suit for girls, they were popular in the 60’s for business women to wear as formal dress and have made a comeback in the same field as they were in.

10.) Natural Makeup

From the smokey eye to a just a simple brow fill, light and natural makeup looks have been making a very empowering statement in current times.