East Texas State Fair

Imahn McAlister, Staff Writter

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Sounds of laughter and cheers echo throughout the fairgrounds as children run from game to game.  Screams of excitement blare from the rides, as wind flies through their hair. Cotton candy and funnel cake are a sweet sensation to behold. The smell of the funnel cake makes people’s mouth water, as the tastes of the rich flavors explode in their taste buds. People cannot help but smile in delight when taking the first bites.

The East Texas State Fair, a beloved tradition in East Texas will be returning this September 2st.The rides, the food, and the decor makes a certain type of magic at the fair. Every detail is brought out to shine in the fair.

“The lights,”  Junior, TaLena Johnson said. “And the picture taking [is just] perfect.”

The fair is one event that is impossible to describe in one word by the students. The East Texas State  fair has be described in many ways such as: exciting, joyful, amusing, entertaining, and there are so many other words that can be used to describe the fair.

“Theatrical,” Junior, Jessica Hemphill said. “Because many of the rides and mini games have cute themes and acts going on. [It is] kinda like a play or theatre.”

The fair provides the people of Tyler with fun and exciting roller coasters with different varieties. Some roller coasters spin around at a high speed that make people dizzy, while others are more calm. The mini games are one of the favorite attractions at the fair. The chance to play tricky and fun games in order to win one of the cute stuffed animals is popular.

“Winning all the stuffed animals and teddy bears is my favorite part of the fair.” Junior, Ta’Lena Johnson said.

The fair gives Tyler a way to decompress from the stress of their everyday life, and allows the people of Tyler to have a much needed break. It’s one of the simply pleasures that Tyler provides.

“We all went to the fair as kids, [and since we’ve gotten older] the idea of the fair [has grown and] is really fun.”Senior Ethan Hoffmeyer said. “It’s just different from normal life”


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