6 Reasons to Vote on November 6th

Cast Your Ballot for the Midterms

6 Reasons to Vote on November 6th

Morgan Gage, Senior Editor

  1. The idea that individual votes don’t count is a dangerous thought. 60% of those eligible to vote don’t turn out to the polls. While one vote might not make a difference, the collective vote of the millions who say their vote doesn’t matter is more than a drop in the pond– It could shift the tides of an election.

  2. It is your duty as a citizen of the United States. The cornerstone of our government is that it is established by the voice of the people; you are the people. It is your duty to participate by casting a ballot in the 2018 election.

  3. You staying at home will not keep others from voting. Just because you don’t vote doesn’t mean that others won’t. You choosing to not vote is the same as choosing to allow someone else to speak for you by electing officials you may not support.

  4. Congress has to be held accountable. While protests and volunteering can influence representatives, at the end of the day what shifts their opinions is the threat of losing reelection hanging over their heads. If you do not vote, they are not held accountable for misrepresentation of your interests.

  5. Elected representatives do just that: represent you. Whether you live in a swing state or not, it is important to make sure your elected officials know that minority demographics exist and are turning out to the polls. It is vital to remind them that you exist and are voting so that they will appeal to you when proposing and voting on legislation.

  6. No vote is a wasted vote. Third party votes are only wasted, because everyone believes they are. If we had heightened voter turnout, elections would be closer races, and representatives would shift more of their focus to appealing to voters and doing what is right by them in the name of being elected to another term.