The Red Eyed Monster

Imahn McAlister, Staff Writter

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One person, one argument, one word and suddenly all that can be seen is red. Heart’s start racing as and  breaths come in quick huffs and puffs. Muscles tighten in anticipation. Hand’s subconsciously balls into a fist. Mind’s start racing, vainly trying  to convince them that this is not the solution. Blood starts boiling to point where you feel a burning sensation. Steam seems to be streaming from they’re ears as if you were a volcano about to erupt and your skin starts showing light tints of pink. With one final breath they raise your fist and strike.

There are solutions for this; solutions that don’t require an appointment at the nearest psychologist office: contact sports. I know people with anger issues probably been told this before, but this idea has real merit.

I, too,  suffer from anger issues. I used lash out at people and constantly picked fights in hopes of extinguishing my anger, and It did, for a moment, and then I was back to square one: seething in anger. The anger was consuming me. I was desperately trying to find an outlet for my anger, one that wouldn’t result in hurting myself or others. Then four months ago, my dad took me to a jiu-jitsu class in Tyler. I had found my outlet.

There was something about learning to defend myself that helped dissipate my anger. But the Gracie-Barra Jiu-Jitsu  class didn’t just help me burn off some steam, it taught me to control my emotions so that I wouldn’t get into a turmoil as I had in the past. I was no longer fighting back my anger. I was having fun and I didn’t worry about the red eyed monster coming out.

I’m not saying to join a self defence class, but maybe you should try doing exercises. Try football, basketball, or running even. There are countless ways to find your own outlet. It’s time to ditch that red eyed monster they were never that fun to hang out with anyway.Taken by courtesy photo by:

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