What makes a film watchable/good?

Carter De Los Santos, Staff writer

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When a film doesn’t do good people try to figure out “What went wrong?” or “Who’s to blame for this dumpster fire?”. They say it’s the acting, the writing, or the cinematography. Though some of it might be true, for me a least these examples can be forgiven if there’s something of substance.

Let me explain, when I see a film I don’t want to hate it, I want to give credit where credit is due. For example, the film Hereditary wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen. It has its problems except the acting (for the most part). but I don’t hate it because the film made me laugh.

In my opinion, the best “so bad it’s good” movie I’ve seen is a film called “The Room”. it’s so bad that it must be seen. From the acting, lighting, cinematography, writing, and everything else is so objectively bad that you will question reality. However, the humorous plot makes up for the otherwise seemingly terrible film.

  However, there are examples of films that are trying to add substance but end up failing in the process, it doesn’t have to be all laughs, “Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them” is a good example of this. Now don’t get the wrong idea I don’t hate it, but the film tries to be a CGI spectacle to make up for the lack of story and characters and ends up being dull and boring. I don’t mind watching it but I won’t recommend it, but if you’re really curious to check it out for yourself and form your own opinion on it then I won’t stop you. At least it’s watchable.

So when you probably aren’t really liking a film or not expecting what you thought it would be. Try to find at least one thing to make the film hilarious. The bad acting could make you laugh or the plot can be so ridiculous that you could probably have a bit of fun with it with your friends or family even though the movie is trying to take itself seriously. At least you can get a laugh out of it.