Is the STAAR needed?

Carter De Los Santos, staff writer

A lot of students always stress about the STAAR test saying that they have to study or they have to stay in class during lunch or power hour.

The school should continue to offer STAAR tests because it prepares us for the future.

The STAAR test is needed to make sure we know we’re ready for the world. And it gives students an opportunity to earn their place to go to the next grade when they come back from summer break. It’s also a way to let the teachers, principles, and the principles bosses and so on know that the students in there schools are ready for the next grade.   

The STAAR test is a way for someone to be ready for his/her future. But it’s not going to fall on their lap, they have to work for it. And the STAAR test is a good way to test all that someone has learned up to that point and determines if there are ready for the next grade and inevitably for the future. And when that student finds out that they’re passed the STAAR for all the necessary classes, they’ll be satisfied knowing they earned the right to move on to the next grade or graduate.         


     As for the teachers, principles, and etc. They can rest easy knowing that they taught their students well if they made a good grade on there STAAR. Because in a way they’re preparing for not only the test, they’re preparing them for real life.

Some would argue that it can be stressful for some students to study for this one test. Due to them having a busy schedule or being absent for some if not most of the school year. Though that may be true for some people, it can also stressful to not plan ahead to study while the student is absent. And there’s nothing wrong postponing previous plans to study for STAAR as long as that person explains the reason why they’re not present.

The school should continue to offer STAAR tests because it gives students satisfaction that his/her studying paid off and earned to go to the next grade.