Mortal Engines


Carter De Los Santos, staff writer

A thousand years ago, civilization was almost destroyed by a catastrophic event with London being one of the last few standing cites for humanity. Now, London is a giant predator city on wheels, destroying everything in its path. It’s Hester Shaw’s responsibility to stop London in its tracks alongside Tom Natsworthy and Anna Fang.

The film’s lack of interesting characters and poor writing is compensated with great visual effects and an interesting setting.

The film’s it’s the greatest strength is the setting in which it takes place, The idea of cities and settlements on wheels destroying each other for supplies is a great opportunity for some great action scenes. This is a shame because something like this was only seen once throughout the entire movie with London “swallowing” another settlement that was trying to get away.

Another strength of the movie is it’s gorgeous visual’s. The producers really tried to show just how massive and intricate these cities, settlements, and trading ports on wheels can be. But it’s not just the cities that are beautiful to look at, it’s the terrain that they’re driving on. Not only does it help with the comprehension with the size of London, but it also gives the viewer a good idea of just how long these cities have been around.

Unfortunately, that’s where all of the positives end and then begins the negative aspects of the film. The writers thought it was a good idea to not introduce the viewer the world of Mortal Engines but mostly focus on a bland and generic love/revenge story. And the characters aren’t interesting enough to compensate the story that not a lot of people were interested in. The worst character was the main antagonist Thaddeus Valentine, he is so evilly over the top that he might as well be twirling a handlebar mustache at this point. The writers barely went into detail of why he is evil by having one flashback with him and his wife discovering the control panel for the weapon that nearly destroyed the planet. It probably means that he was doing this for power but it doesn’t go farther than that with his character.

Though it’s a pretty film to look at. It cannot be denied that it lacks a story that a lot of people can enjoy or characters to root for. But if people haven’t heard of this film and are interested to see it, I, nor anyone for that matter can stop them.