Earbud Petition

Students sign a petition to have earbuds during power hour.


Elizabeth Freeman, Editor-In-Chief

In response to a petition created by an anonymous student to allow headphones during the whole day of school, the principal’s advisory committee will meet today.

“I’ve been meeting with campus leadership, teachers, and different people, discussing to have headphones during power hour.” principal Josh Garred said. “I’m not sure if we’re going to pull the trigger on that this year or not, but I have a group of student leaders that I’ve met with and they were pretty split on the issue.”

The petition was created by a student who approached Mr. Garred in hopes that he would allow students to use headphones any time of the day during school. After the student presented the petition signed by many students, Mr. Garred brought it to the principal’s advisory committee so they could provide input.

“I agree with it in spurts,” principal’s advisory committee member Jarret Carnes said. “It should not be allowed in hallways but maybe in the cafeteria and classrooms. Honestly, I think since so many people petitioned for it, we should give them the opportunity so long as it doesn’t become a safety issue.”

Mr. Garred is looking at alowing headphones in the cafeteria and classrooms, but not in hallways.

“Personally I like to have some classical music going on,” senior Emily Satterfield said. “I find that it helps me to focus, especially for me, because I have ADHD and it’s helpful to have headphones in to block out the noise. It’s something we should encourage and not discourage.”

Although the student petition calls for headphones during anytime of the day, Mr. Garred is considering just allowing them during power hour, in addition to the fact that students are already allowed to use headphones before and after school. However, some teachers are concerned that if the headphones are allowed during power hour that students would go ahead and wear them during other times of the day when they are not allowed to do so.

“I think the only problem is that when you allow it, people start to push it further and further to the point that they take advantage,” math teacher Shelby Brooks said. “I think it’s good that the students go to the administration with what they would like to see change. It can’t always happen the way they want, but i think that’s a good thing.”

Mr. Garred understands the importance in students calling certain issues to his attention.

“One thing about me is that I like to hear from students,” Mr. Garred said. “I think it’s important to listen to the students. Maybe back in the day the principle was the boss man and everybody did what he said, but I think to be successful you have to listen to teachers, students, parents, and then make the decision.”