Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse Review

Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse Review

Elizabeth Freeman, Editor-In-Chief

This modern world has made the seemingly impossible, possible- in terms of movie production). Viewers are used to cartoons, but “Spider-man” takes it to a whole other level.

It comes to no surprise, to movie lovers, that even older live action movies don’t have the realistic stunts and graphics that modern technology has granted animation movies today. Spider-Man will take mature viewers back to their childhood, back when animation was not so lifelike and rustically artistic.

            The story line is unique and has a great message that can be applied to each individuals life. There have been many Spider-Man movies made by Stan Lee in the past, but this one is unlike any other that’s ever been made. It should be noted that viewers do not need to have seen the original Spider-Man movie to understand the overall plot of the movie, but having a basic knowledge that Peter Parker was the first Spider-Man will surely help.


              The plot is simple enough for younger viewers to understand, and complicated enough to get mature viewer’s minds working to try to understand. For example:

A teenager, Miles Morales, accidentally finds Wilson Fisk’s particle accelerator which accesses parallel universes. Fisk was one of Spider-Man’s enemies. It was because of his corrupted and evil state that he lost his wife and son in a car crash, and he built the particle accelerator to get them back. Basically, they unintentionally walked in on Spider-Man and him fighting and got in the car to run away from him. Instead of running away from danger, however, they crashed into it, resulting in their death. Still bitter about losing because of Spider-Man, Fisk kills him when he came to destroy the particle accelerator with a USB drive. Before his death, Spider-Man managed to give Miles the USB drive. Little did either of them know, Miles would become the next Spider-Man if that dimension.

As the story line continues, viewers discover there are Spider-Men in different dimensions which were brought to Miles’ dimension unintentionally by the particle accelerator. Together, they all work together to use the USB drive to destroy the particle accelerator, and each get back to their original dimension.

  In this movie, Stan Lee put off kind of a hidden message that anyone can be Spider-Man and do good in the world. It was a real motivator to do better in making the world a better place.

  Overall, the movie the movie is a showstopper and is recommended to any viewer.