Free Food For ALL


Photo by Kelly Cline

A straight shot of a tray of a typical schooll unch tray consisting of chicken nuggets, tater tots, an orange, cookies and milk.

Elizabeth Freeman, Editor-In-Chief

It is common knowledge that certain students get free cafeteria breakfast and lunch based on their families income. While this is money put towards a good cause, whether or not a student is served free food from the cafeteria should not be based on the income of each family.

All students should be allowed free cafeteria food because it provides students with a healthy diet to do well in school.

Students who don’t get food from the cafeteria either pack their lunch or don’t eat at all. Neither option guarantees a student all the nutrients they need to be succeed in school. For example, a lunch may differ depending on the student. While a sandwich is lunch for one student, candy is lunch for another. While eggs and toast is breakfast for one student, donuts is breakfast for another. It would be wise if all students were given the opportunity of free breakfast and lunch at school because it would provide students with the nutrients they need for their day at school.

While there are some students who pack their lunch there are also some that don’t have time and will go all day without eating lunch. While the school does provide lunch for each student that wants to buy one, it can be pretty expensive to buy one every day. It would be simpler to just allow all students the opportunity of free cafeteria food from school.

Some may argue that students should take the responsibility of providing themselves with nutrient efficient foods for lunch. However, one needs to take into the account the fact that food separately packaged or specifically meant for students who pack their lunches is unhealthy.

All students should be allowed free cafeteria food because it provides students with a healthy diet to save students time and money.